Where's Mama


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A story about missing pieces...

When I was born we weren't refugees till papa said he'd have to rescue me
Men in the village want to take me away he said its safer if we left someday
We started walking, other families arrived walking together, the babies behind
Papa said we'd find a better place walking together - day after day

== chorus ==
Where's Mama Where's papa
Tore us apart when we were small
Oh Mama Oh Papa
We barely knew you at all

And then we got to the USA, he'd get a job there, papa would say
He'd work all day and get us food to eat, Mama said we'd all get shoes on our feet
But then they said we had no papers to say men in the village want to take me away
Papa told them why we left that day - they took him to jail anyway...

We'll never know what happened that day
Papa wouldn't leave us - we know he would stay
He'd work forever - day and night he would
Papa just wanted to do whatever he could

== chorus ===

A few days later, mama tried to see where papa was and left me to be
head of the family, said she'd be back soon we'd be together by that afternoon
Later that night, a lady came to see us, we had no parents and she said that she would keep us
safe from harm, we'd be warm and dry. We walked behind her in the clear blue sky...

We'll never find out what happened that night
Mama wouldn't leave us out of her sight
She'd love us forever, we know that she would
Mama just wanted to do whatever she could

== chorus ===

Years have passed, and every day I say papa might find us I hope and pray
Other families try to give us their love, but Mama and papa are all I think of

== chorus repeat as outro==

Frank Imburgio - Vocals Guitars Drums Piano
Dee Scotto Violin
Charley Powell Bass

Words & Music (c) 2019 Frank Imburgio