One day you’ll wonder when you’ll ever get things right
You say you’ll know that then you’ll be back to stay the night
And everything you’ll do is not for them but you
You know its crazy but someday you’ll love them too

— chorus —
But you’re a run run run run run run runaway
You’ll find a perfect place, it’ll be allright someday
You’re a run run run run run run runaway
Nobody tells you what to do
Nobody gonna bother you cause
Nobody even cares for you
when you’re a runaway

You tried to work it out but it never seems ok
You stayed and tried to fight to get things your own way
It always seemed that there was something you did wrong
You wonder what you did to end up in this song

You wish that they would just leave you alone
So you could have some fun chill out and just get stoned
Your girl she doesn’t know what gets you down
She knows what bad boys do and for that she’ll stick around

– Bridge (after 3rd verse, then repeat chorus for ending)
Don’t know where to go from here
Doesn’t matter but its crystal clear
Another place another time of year
is bound to set things right

– chorus

Bob Blatchley – Bass, Electric Guitar
Frank Imburgio – Guitar, Drums, Keyboards, Vocals, Words & Music

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