Maria works down-town where the sailors go
She has no other but the lovers that only want to come and go
She’ll pour your drink for you she’ll talk to you
she’ll tell you where to cut your hair
She’ll act so nice to you you’ll never want to leave her little red light lair

So how can I tell her that I wont be buyin’
That its her heart that she’s selling when her body they’re buyin
And though she thinks she’s fine for a very short time
She should have known she’d find later down the line
She made up her mind without a thought for later

Maria did you think about when you start getting older, do you think that then
The men will still want you pouring drinks for them?
What do you think is gonna happen then?

And while I’m thinking, she’s winking to the bartender
You know he’ll real mean looking, but she says he’s like a father to her
He says he’s thinking that the drinks she drinking I should pay for now
Well thats allright with me, cause this is all I’m gonna stay for now
But when he writes out the number he wants me to pay
He makes me wonder why I ever stayed
And I though I thought I was fine for a very short time
I should have known I’d find later down the line
I made up my mind without a thought for later

And now I know its all the same to her,
whether I buy her a drink or get laid by her
You know it really doesn’t matter if you’re naughty or nice,
You play with Maria, you pay the price

Bob Blatchley – Bass
Frank Imburgio – Guitar, Drums, Keyboards, Vocals, Words & Music

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